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Development of an integrated approach for controlled and sustainable production of foods with optimum organoleptic, sanitary and nutritional properties. 

QualiSud is specialized in the field of food processing. Its activities range from the post-harvest development process of food to appraisal of sensory quality in the mouth, to its nutritional quality, its health benefit, its harmlessness and its technological properties.

The dynamic mechanisms involved in establishing this quality require a good knowledge of the food matrix and of its interaction with the environment.

The unit brings together the multi-field skills required to tackle these issues.

Pomme cajou © T. Ferré - Cirad
Tri des bananes © O. Gibert - Cirad
Grains de sorgho blanc © J.-F. Cruz - Cirad
Cabosses de cacao © C. Lanaud - Cirad
Travaux pratiques sur fruits © M.-C. Lahon - Cirad
Joues de mangues dans une presse à vis (© J.-F. Cruz - Cirad)
Refroidissement du café après torréfaction (© J-F Cruz - Cirad)
Séchage traditionnel du poisson © M. Rivier - Cirad
Fumage traditionnel du poisson Kong au Sénégal © M. Rivier - Cirad
Découpe de mangues © T. Ferré - Cirad

The strong restrictions on the Southern countries in terms of energy cost, access to water, manufacturing capacities and maintenance of equipment, specificity and variability of raw materials, mean designing robust, economical processes in accordance with the qualities of the raw material and the finished product.

The paths of optimization of existing technologies and the design of new food processes are both studied within the unit.

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