UMR Qualisud [mixed research unit] carries out assessments in many fields of processing of tropical and Mediterranean agrifood products of plant or animal origin.

Scientific and technical assessments

The following scientific and technical assessments are conducted for various backers or international projects (European Union, FAO, etc.), or private companies:

  • Fruit and vegetable technologies.
  • Coffee and cacao processing.
  • Roots and tubers processing (cassava, yam, and other tropical tubers).
  • Post-harvest technology of tropical cereals.
    • Rice (home and semi-industrial milling units).
    • Dry cereals (mechanized processing of  fonio, millets and sorghums).
  • Drying of processed agrifood products (fruit chips, rolled cereal products, etc.).
  • Meat product processing.
  • Harnessing coconut tree products.
  • Quality management in the industries.
  • Food safety.

Analytical assessments

Analytical assessments on green and/or roasted coffee

  • Chemical analyses: contents of caffeine, sugars, fats, Ochratoxin A, etc.
  • Quality control analyses: organoleptic tests, varieties research, etc.

Chemical analyses of mycotoxins

QUALISUD has a laboratory for mycotoxins analysis (ochratoxins, aflatoxins, fumonisins, etc.) which works based on benchmark international methods, validated in the framework of inter-laboratories testing. This laboratory supports partnership projects developed by Cirad on the theme of mycotoxins, and provides services, particularly to manufacturers. It also organizes training in benchmark methods and rapid detection of mycotoxins for our Southern partners.

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