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Some main projects coordinated by QualiSud or with participation of QualiSud teams

  • Brown cowpea "Wankoun" (© J-F Cruz, Cirad)

    Participatory innovation for the development of cowpea-based products in Benin: ICOWPEA

    ICOWPEA (Increasing COwpea value chain sustainability in West Africa through Product and procEss innovAtion) is a research project mainly funded by Agropolis, Daniel & Nina Carasso and Cariplo foundations as part of « Thought for Food Initiative » call for proposal.

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  • DARWIN Makire Coconut

    Upgrading and broadening the new International Coconut Genebank for South Pacific

    During the three years of the project (2016-2019), coconut biodiversity hot-spots defined as at risk will be identified and characterized, and a collection methodology for threatened coconuts will be developed. Collecting missions will be organized in years 2 and 3. The varieties collected will be listed in the collection and international Coconut Genetic Resources Database (CGRD), available for future generations of researchers, farmers, consumers and other users.

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  • Café

    AdCofInov: Innovating coupling technologies for Adding Coffee waste value

    AdCofInov s’inscrit dans le cadre d’une stratégie de traitement complet pour la valorisation des sous-produits de la filière café. Il est basé sur des collaborations de recherche étroites établies depuis de nombreuses années entre le CIRAD (UMR QualiSud), le CITA (Costa-Rica) et l’IEM. Il s’appuie également sur un partenaire industriel avec l’entreprise Eurodia, équipementier français qui assurera le transfert de technologie à l’échelle industrielle.

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  • Palmier pêche

    FAPAF - Étude métabolomique de fruits Amazoniens pour la production d’aliments fonctionnels

    Étude de fruits amazoniens sous-utilisés et peu valorisés, mal connus du point de vue biochimique et à fortiori du point de vue fonctionnel pour la santé.

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  • RTB Post-harvest project

    RTB Post-harvest project

    Driving livelihood improvements through demand-oriented interventions for competitive production and processing of RTBs.
    The RTB Post-harvest project is a research project funded by the CGIAR Research Programme on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB). It is conducted in partnership between CIAT, IITA (two CGIAR centers), CIRAD, NRI, ILRI, and associated partners: Univalle (Colombia), Kasetsart University (Thailand), KMUTT (Thailand).

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  • Fonio racemes (© J.-F. Cruz, Cirad)

    Post-harvest and enhancement of fonio in Africa Aval Fonio

    The Aval Fonio project is a research project selected by African Union. Financed by European Union in the framework of EuropeAid procedure, the project is realised in partnership or association with 5 african countries.

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  • Jujube (© F. Le Bellec - Cirad)

    African Food Tradition Revisited by Research - AFTER

    The project African Food Tradition Revisited by Research - AFTER is financed by European Commission (FP7) linked to theme Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology. It is implemented in partnership with 4 European countries and 7 African countries.

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  • Vegetables on the maket (© Cirad, I. Vagneron)

    Creating a global network on Food Safety by connecting networks - Collab4Safety

    The integration of research and training in food safety must be optimized between the EU and its trading partners to facilitate the control and mitigation of existing and emerging risks, and provide a sustainable platform for global integration of food safety policies.

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  • Expression du dégrain, défaut de qualité de la banane © Cirad - D. Mbéguié‐A‐Mbéguié

    Quality of plant products

    Fruit quality is a complex trait regarding the diversity of criteria involved and the physiological processes associated with their elaboration. Currently, improvement of such complex trait needs as a prerequisite (i) an objective definition measurement method of the relevant criterion, and (ii) to get more insights into the related physiological that govern ist elaboration

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