Platform and laboratories

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  • Agrifood technology platform

    Agrifood technology platform. © A. Bouniol - Cirad
    The agrifood technology platform is specialized in the field of food process engineering, and lends its multi-disciplinary expertise to research projects, and to regional agribusiness centers and companies.

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  • Agrifood products physico-chemical characterization laboratory

    Physico-chemical analyses in the lab© J-F Cruz - Cirad
    This laboratory supports projects and research activities for conducting physico-chemical analyses on raw materials or processed foods.

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  • Sensorial analysis laboratory

    Sensorial analysis laboratory. © M.-C. Lahon - Cirad
    The sensorial analysis laboratory provides assessments, services or scientific support to the various research projects conducted on tropical products of plant or animal origin. The sensorial analysis platform also provides various types of training aimed at industry professionals, scientific partners from Southern countries and for students.

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  • Agrifood platform on Reunion Island

    Pineapple colour mesurement. © R. Carayol, Région Réunion
    The ambition of this agrifood platform on Reunion Island is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of products from Reunion and the Indian Ocean area.

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  • Molecular biology laboratory

    Molecular biology laboratory (© J.-C. Meile, Cirad)
    The molecular biology laboratory is dedicated to the analysis of food samples at the molecular (DNA) level

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  • Micronutrients Pharmacology Platform

    Etude in vitro, organes isolés.  © UM1, A. Michel
    The field of competence of the Micronutrients Pharmacology Platform is functional and molecular pharmacology of the products resulting from food biodiversity aiming to characterize health effects of food.

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  • Spectral processes laboratory

    Spectromètre proche infrarouge © Cirad, F. Davrieux
    The spectral processes laboratory provides analysis of large series of samples of food products by fast, non-destructive and environmentally-friendly methods like Near InfraRed Spectrometry (NIRS) and Frontal Fluorescent Spectrometry.

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  • Other laboratories

    Laboratory at Cirad © Cirad, J.-F. Cruz
    The UMR QualiSud also has several other specialized laboratories at Cirad or University.

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