Sensorial analysis laboratory

Last update: 11 June 2015

The sensorial analysis laboratory provides assessments, services or scientific support to the various research projects conducted on tropical products of plant or animal origin. The sensorial analysis platform also provides various types of training aimed at industry professionals, scientific partners from Southern countries and for students.

Scientific and technical resources

The laboratory is equipped with a tasting room composed of 15 computerized desks (TASTEL® software) and coordinated by a multi-disciplinary team.

The tasting panel consists of thirty judges (qualified experts), recruited internally within CIRAD research units.

The members of this panel are trained and evaluated throughout the year in accordance with the requirements of the various ISO and AFNOR standards.

Methods based on ISO standards

  • Determination of sensorial profiles.
  • Selection, training and validation of the jury panel.
  • Differentiation tests (triangular test, etc.).
  • Ranking tests.
  • Hedonic tests.

Research and development activities

The laboratory conducts analyses in partnership with various manufacturers, but it is also involved in numerous research projects.

These analyses, which relate to various products (cacao, coffee, tea, cereals, fruits/vegetables, fish, traditional Southern products, etc.) have a variety of goals:

  • Characterization and determination of the factors (genetic aspects, post-harvest, etc.) influencing the organoleptic characteristics.
  • Relationship between sensorial characteristics and physico-chemical characteristics.
  • Impact of technological processes on quality (marinating, smoking, drying, cooking, mixing, etc.).
  • Design of new products / product comparisons.
  • Methodological support for setting up and managing sensorial analysis laboratories (development of panels, creation of a range of reference products) in France or abroad (Italy, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Trinidad and Tobago, etc.).


The laboratory offers training for various targets:

  • Southern partners, research institutes, producers associations, etc.
  • Private partners (manufacturers, artisans, etc.).
  • Students from various schools (universities, engineering, etc.) at different levels (degree, Masters, etc.).

Last update: 11 June 2015

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