Six scientific actions

UMR QualiSud centres its research activities on six scientific actions.

  • Impact of processing on food matrices and relation with sensory quality - Action 1

    Pitaya (© F. Le Bellec, Cirad)
    Depending on its nature, the raw material undergoes significant changes during processing and storage to become an elaborated product finally available for consumers. Throughout this process, the physicochemical changes are likely to alter the compounds of organoleptic interest and other matrix components directly affecting its sensory quality.

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  • Reduction of postharvest losses of horticultural crops by adapted treatments- Action 2

    Mangos Kent from Sénégal (© J. Joas, Cirad)
    Depending on level of technicality and product type, the post-harvest losses generated during storage, handling, distribution, or by consumers represent between 30 and 40% of production of fruits and vegetables (FAO, 2011). Losses have various origins and this action is aimed at assessing the impact of post-harvest technologies on managing spoilage flora, storage capacity and final quality of fruits, by taking into account their physiological status.

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  • Bio-guidance of processes to enhance functional properties of food - Action 3

    Traceability (© J.-C. Meile, Cirad)
    This action is aimed at integrating the concept of food functional quality (food impact on the body’s main biological and physiological functions) in the management of critical steps of processes. While it is well known that the process affects physico-chemical properties, these modifications have also an effect on the functional quality of food, which until now has been little studied.

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  • Control of microbial flows for the prevention of mycotoxins along the food production chains - Action 4

    Aspergillus flavus (© UMR QualiSud)
    Food safety involves compliance with standards and regulations on concentrations of certain contaminants among the most worrying, mycotoxins. This research action aims to develop and validate pre- and post-harvest treatments to prevent and reduce mycotoxins in foodstuffs for human or animal consumption in order to ensure food safety and consumer health while preserving the environment and producer health.

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  • Study of transfers and kinetics reactions during solid food fermentation - Action 5

    Simulation of changes in quality (Maillard) during disinfestation of dates by heat (© J.-M. Méot, Cirad)
    During unit processing operations, the achievement of food quality depends on material transfers (water, solute…) energy transfers exchanged by the food with the external medium (hot or cool medium). This research action aims at understanding then controlling the relations between these transfers and food reactions/processing.

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  • Studies and engineering of complex food systems - Action 6

    Fish smoking  (© T. Goli, Cirad)
    The processes used to produce food products involve a combination of unit operations whose numerous arrangements can lead to agribusiness systems being described as complex. It is a matter of characterizing these systems employed in the Southern countries and to optimizing the processes used.

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